Left 4 Dead Pills

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Left 4 Dead Pills

Post by Ryuzaki_L »

I was wondering, is there any way to get those Left 4 Dead pill bottles (filled with Mike & Ikes) anywhere? A kind person shared hers with me as I was waiting for the Dealer's Room to open on Sunday (Melty Blood FTW).

Now I can't find them anywhere, but I want to have the bottle to share with my many friends/co-workers who play the game. I can't even find a reference to them on any image searches.
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Left 4 Dead Pills

Post by kmcwilliams94 »

did you try ebay?
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Left 4 Dead Pills

Post by GrandGalacticInquisitor »

Here's the pills you wanted!

I bought them at the con for my Zoey cosplay. Take the time to read the bottle info. It's pretty funny! Hope I helped! :D
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Left 4 Dead Pills

Post by JohnHunter41 »

my friend was at nekocon and he got them. because i cant find any mike and ikes i refill them with m&m's or other smaller candies.
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