Identify these costumes?

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Identify these costumes?

Post by newguy »

Today was my first animation convention and I had a couple questions:

There were a few guys wearing what appeared to be large dark pyramids on their heads. Very interesting.

Another one I saw seemed to be mostly on women and conisisted of primarily a very large bronze colored hook on the left hand.

There was also a guy wearing what appeared to be a very large burlap sack with a potted plant on its head and tree branches for arms.

Any thoughts on what characters these might be representing?

Also, some people had a small device about the size of a Oreo cookie which they would hold up to other similar devices and tap some buttons. Sounded like they were called "pog walkers" as that is what they were shouting randomly. Any ideas what this is?

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Identify these costumes?

Post by Kristi »

The large dark pyramid-head guys are called, well, Pyramid Head. He's from the Silent Hill video games.
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Identify these costumes?

Post by Firus »

The guys wearing pyramids on their heads are Pyramid Heads, from Silent Hill.

I don't know about the women with the bronze hook.

The guy wearing the burlap sack and potted plant was an Ent, from Lord of the Rings, I believe.

And the device is a PokéWalker, a pedometer which came with the new versions of Pokémon (Heart Gold and Soul Silver), and you can communicate with other PokéWalkers to receive items which can be transferred to the games.
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Identify these costumes?

Post by Faceman »

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Identify these costumes?

Post by Nessa »

the woman you saw was probably a splicer from bioshock
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Identify these costumes?

Post by Shallah45 »

If we are thinking of the same hooked girl, I believe it was Crocodile from One Piece. I only saw her for a few seconds, if we are even thinking of the same costume. ... odile2.jpg
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