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Anime Elevator Pitches?

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2023 11:04 am
by MSW1
Hey, I wanted to make a thread to gauge interest in an idea I had for a panel that I was workshopping for AB 2024!

Anyway, the basic idea was this: Everyone has that series that doesn't get the attention that they feel doesn't get the attention that it deserves, right? Maybe it just came out at a bad time and was largely ignored, maybe it was popular for a little bit, but it faded, or maybe the magazine or channel it premiered in is a niche one. What I was thinking was- People will enter the room, and try to come up with an "elevator pitch" for those series! Whatever the series is that they want to talk about, they'll think up a 30-second pitch, and then will give that 30-second pitch to the room! Afterwards, they'll quickly give the title, and, if they know, the best way to be able to watch/read it (like, the streaming platform, or if it's available on Amazon), and then we'll move onto the next person! It would probably be an hour long panel, but I thought it could be a good chance to get people to be able to talk about series they might not otherwise be able to with more people! Any thoughts or criticism would be greatly appreciated, thank you!