Gameshow submission for 2020?

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Gameshow submission for 2020?

Post by Sayoria »

I think an anime Code Names would make a fantastic addition to Anime Boston. For those unfamiliar to code names, it is a game where you are displayed 25 words and team captains are to give clues to teammates to identify the 8 or 9 words on the board associated with their team. For example, the words:


One team captain could write "Food 1" and the teammates would guess pocky and the 1 indicates that there is only one answer. However, if I wrote the clue "Saber 2" and someone guessed figurine and sword when the captain wanted skirt and sword, the team would either miss, pull the assassin card, or give the other team a point, given what figurine was aligned as.

I think it would be a great idea. I been coming to AB for years (05) and would love to try it out. How would I go through this proposal? I could even make out display cards too.
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