Swap Meet Thread for 2022

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Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by tehscribbles »

Faceman wrote: Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:23 pm This thread is for posting of Haves and Wants for the Anime Boston 2020 Swap Meet. For those new to the con or the Swap Meet, it's basically where you take your video games, manga, anime or Japanese related items you don't want anymore and trade with other people for the stuff they don't want anymore. You can find all the details on it at the Swap Meet page.

I do ask that people limit their postings to what they have and what they want. Negotiations for trade should either be done in-person at the con or over Private Messages on the forum or some other means (email, IM, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Basically, DON'T MAKE TRADE OFFERS IN THIS THREAD! When people start to do it, it fills the entire thread with back and forth posts between two people that no one else needs to see. If it does happen here a Mod will delete those posts.

Otherwise post your Have/Want lists and have fun!
Remember the rules, have fun!
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by AnnaNeko »

Hello internet, please take my stuff!
Since I'm taking train daily can mostly bring per-arranged stuff. If someone is hella local we can absolutely trade before the con, that works too (◔◡◔✿) Ping me if you need more details or images or whatevs

Top Wants: English light novels & josei manga, DragonQuest slimes, and a 1/4 or 1/3 doll chair. Open to lots of other stuff as well

Some Images, not all, more coming - https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzFzh6

NYC Nintendo store promo - Splatoon
Kodansha random - Attack on Titan 1 manga
PAX promo - Tearaway & The Evil Within
oldskool anime posters - Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma 1/2, DigiCharat

DoctorWho x Peanuts - 10th Doctor print by Joel Watson/Hijinks Ensue webcomic dude
Pokemon Ivysaur fanart print - forget artist... but its cute!

The Mystery Shack used to sell these. 11"x17" size, glossy paper. Minor damage from hanging up
Gravity Falls BILL stars poster - the twins are really subtle, there's a small rip
Steven Universe poster - s1 designs
Rick and Morty "revolution" poster - confused about image? It's a panel from the comic

Liz and the Blue Bird - dvd/bluray combo, came with lovely postcards
Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 2 - the super-old ADV disk! has eps 5-8
Panyo Panyo Di.Gi.Charat vol 1 - includes sticker sheet
Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi second season - Bandai release from few years back. Includes OP/ED bonus CD
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt the complete series - in nifty cardboard box
Berserk (AnimeWorks 2002 originals) - vol 1, 2, 3
Chrono Crusade vol 1
Fruits Basket vol 1 (FUNi old 2002 release)
Saber Marionette J - dvd collection 2 - hella old BANDAI release, japanese/English/Spanish audio options, 8 eps on 2 disks
Spirited Away DVD - 2disk English/French

non anime DVDs
Family Guy: Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story [aka 2005 direct-to-dvd movie]
Disney's Enchanted
Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban - 2disk release
Pixar's Ratatouille
Pixar Short Films collection

MANGA english releases
Alice 19th - 4
Attack on Titan - 7, 8, 11, 12
Attack on Titan:Before the Fall - 1, 2
Bleach - 14
the Earl and the Fairy - 1
Delicious in Dungeon - 1
Devil May Cry 3 - 1
Genshinken Second Season - 5, 6, 7, 12 OR can do vol 1-7 as a set
Heroic Legend of Arslan - 1, 2
Lone Wolf and Cub - 2 (the very pocket-sized Dark Horse release frm 2000)
Maid-sama! - omnibus 1-2, 3-4, 7-8 on hold
Oh My Goddess - 2, 4, 6, 7 (2007 version? with some color pages in each book)
Pretty Face - 1, 2, 3
Sailor Moon - 6, 10, 11, 12 (Kodansha reg-sized release)
Sayonara Zetsubo-sensei - 1, 2, 3, 4
SwordArt Online Progressive - 1 (to be extra clear, the MANGA, not LightNovel!)
Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart
xxxHolic - 2, 3, 4
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches - 1
Your name - 1

Light Novels english releases
Accel World - 1, 2, 3
Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (aka vol 1)
Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi (aka vol 4?)
Log Horizon - 1
Devil is a Part-timer - 3

Manga in orig japanese
Alice 19th: 1
Angel Sanctuary: 5, 8
Ayashi no Ceres: 11, 12, 14,
Ayashi no Ceres: Tooya light novel - has a few Watase illustrations in it!
Chobits: 1
Fushigi Yuugi: 5, 13
Naruto: 6
RG Veda: 2
Trigun: 1

other comics
Army of Darkness movie adaptation
Empowered by Adam Warren - 1, 2, 5
Fence by C.S. Pacat - Discover Now! edition (aka the earliest trade collecting issues 1-4)
Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here (OG release, not Legends)
Steven Universe vol 1
Ultimate Spider-Man - vol 2, 3, 5 (early 2000s Brian Michael Bendis reboot, if this narrows it down)
Wonder Woman (George Perez version) - vol 2, 3 (there are DC's trades from 2005ish?) on hold
Echo by Terry Moore - 1-5

whole lotta 90s Image Comics:
WildC.A.T.s 90s IMAGE first run - #0 and 1st trade ("Compendium" collects 1~4)
#6, 10 ~ 24, 28 (Chris Claremont & Alan Moore wrote some of those early ones)
Trilogy #1 (super shiny cover O_o'), SourceBook 2
on hold
Cyber Force 90s IMAGE first run - vol 1 (aka, the mini-series) #2, 3, 4 (stupid-shiny foil cover)
vol 2 (aka the series that ran from '93 onwards) - #1, 2 (WildCATs x-over), 4 ~ 16
ZERO, Annual 1, Sourcebook 2, Cyberforce / Strykeforce: Opposing Forces, spin-offs: Origins # 1 & 2 (Cyblade & Stryker), Velocity #1 & 2, Misery (one-shot)

BLEACH: all colour but the black (the japanese version)
DI Gi Charat - DIGICON artbook ... superearly 2000s
Full Metal Alchemist: TV Animation Artbook (NOT brotherhood! this is 1st series) on hold
Slayers: Return - the OAV/movie pictures

TOYS/FIGURES anime and not
GoodSmile nendoroid: Haruhi Suzumiya on hold
One Piece plush - Luffy frm Alabasta arc
Range Murata trading box figs: girl with bike from ROBOT & girl from PSE Solid Collection Version 3.0
Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Vol. 1 - Rinoa
Evangelion - Rei in school swimsuit plush (she's really showing her age.... 2001 vintage)

Bottle Fairy figures - 1:1 scale (5" tall, or so) - Sarara (grey haired), Hororo (holds a pet), Kururu (pink haired), and Chiriri (the blond) Chiriri's base broke off under the weight of her own hair. Hororo's pet is removable. None of them have a box

ToHeart - Serika plush (sad girl from 1999!)
King of Fighters - Kyo keychain
Final Fantasy VIII - Squall and Rinoa figures. Have lil clear plastic bases for both, she has her weapon thing. They're stamped "1999 Square" so thems oldskool OG releases

One Piece: Strong World - SD-sized Usopp riding a strawberry (Petit Chara Land - Fruit★Party)
Dead or Alive - Kasumi garage kit. She's been painted, has a base... the only problem is her braid broke off, needs to be glued back on
StarWars ep I - Queen Amidala /handmaid doll on hold
StarWars: Revenge of the Sith - Clone Pilot fig. "firing cannon!" the box excitedly states
Star Wars LEGO minifigs - Palpatine (he has the yellow face, but no cape), and grey-uniformed Imperial guy
LotR: Fellowship - Aragorn fig "with real arrow launching action!" the box proudly declares
LotR: Fellowship - Lurtz fig "with bow attack action!" the box declares (he originally came with Boromir?)
LotR: King - Aragorn fig. He just has a sword with him
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - McDonalds mini skateboard toy. Cad Bane
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - Burger King toy. Landspeeder
The Simpsons movie - Burger King toy. Marge and multi-eyed racoon
Nintendo/SuperMario - McDonalds toy. Princess Peach. Its from couple years ago
Nintendo/SuperMario - lil windup bob-omb dude, turn the key and he'll walk along
HelloKitty mini plush keychain - pink valentines hearts outfit, holding a heart - from 2003 or so
FunkoPop - Jim Henson with Kermit

BLEACH stuff
1] Rukia & Ichigo cell-strap
2] Ichigo & skull cell-strap (the underside is soft, meant to clean screen)
3] fake-leather logo bracelet (and yet it's legit merch with all logos/stickers...)
4] necklace (err.. Ichigo's sword hilt?)

Full Metal Alchemist thing that doesn't fit anywhere else:
Envy headband. legit MOVIC cosplay merch. The package is ripped, but the headband itself has never been used on hold

VIDEO GAMES - unless otherwise noted, boxes and manuals present!
PS2 - Orig releases, not Greatest Hits
Final Fantasy X-2
Time Crisis 3
DOA2: Hardcore - aka that 2000 release of Dead or Alive 2
X-Men Legends

Bioshock 2
Eternal Sonata - crap GameStop box, no manual

PS Vita - in crap GameStop box
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Nintendo 3DS - boxes and manuals present
Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of The Dusk
Kingdom Hearts Re-Coded
Nintendo Selects: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
on hold

Nintendo Switch
Raging Loop - day one edition, comes with an artbook
on hold

AnimalCrossing:New Horizons pink cats-print mini-backpack - These are infamous for the straps being crap (cheap ribbon, frayed by day 2)... the top handle, however, is still sturdy, and the bag is roomy
AnimalCrossing:New Horizons pink cats-print mesg bag - it is what it is

DoctorWho plaid purse - when you need to be a subtle nerd! Is used, no tears in the lining

Welcome to Night Vale shirts! Both are Ladies 2xl which is both fine and somehow runs narrow
"mostly void, partially stars" on hold & "Feral Dogs"
Aerosmith lanyard
Fate/GO USA tour lanyard
FF XIV lanyard (from PAX East)
Harry Potter robe patches - Hufflepuff & Slytherin
Witch Hunter Robin - pinset. 3 of them, in lil coffin-shaped box
Mobile Suit Gundam - big heavy shield-shaped pin

Death Note ... yeah, like an actual notebook with extra pages of the rules and whatnot... cosplay prop?
Attack on Titan cosplay jacket - US size L/XL~ish? (chest - 111cm/ shoulder width - 45cm. this is NOT tiny Asian sizing) Garrison division, has functioning pockets & tiny lil hook in front to keep bottom corners together. Broken button on shoulder flap
Naruto headband, Morlock Enterprises is the maker
X-Files: CCG - a whole bunch of cards from back in the 90s. waaaaay to many to make a proper list, can go thru them if anyone wants something specific. There's rando "101361" and "The Truth is Out There" expansion cards too

trading cards:
All Purpose Cultural CatGirl NukuNuku - Carddass Masters
10, 15, 20, 22, 23, 32, 37, 41, 42, 45, 49, 55, 65, 67, 75, 80, 81, 82, 85, 88, 98, 99, 101~106, 108, 119~126, 134

Magic Knight Rayearth - Amada Pull Pack (PP)
7~42. 58, 61, 63, 65, 66, 71, 72, 74, 77, 79, 80

Sailor Moon - CardZillion series 3 (didn't these come from toystore vending machine?)
85, 85, 88, 89~126

Sentimental Graffiti/Sentimental Journey Deluxe Trading Collection

You're Under Arrest! - some cards by Amada from 1997
22, 32, 42, 52, 72

Anime Playing Cards:
Magic Knight Rayearth manga art deck, Princess Mononoke movie stills, Shoujo Kakumei Utena all sorts of art, Fushigi Yuugi manga art deck
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why, yes, I have been goin to this con since day 1. Wanna brain-break on the age math?
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by KQBeans »

Hello! Please feel free to DM for pictures of items. I’m really only bringing what is requested and a bag of smaller items due to coming to the convention via public transport. Will be adding to list if more wares are found
Hope everyone has a good con!

-Junji Ito’s ‘Sensor’ *CLAIMED*
-Tite Kubo’s ‘Bleach’ #1, 12, 13, 14, 22, 24, 25

'Western' Graphic Novels/Books:
-Sonic Super Digest #16

-Footloose (DVD)*CLAIMED*
-Attack on Titan #1 and #2 (episodes 1-13, 14-25) Bluray/DVD
-Rise of the Guardians (Bluray/DVD)
-Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Set 3 Stardust Crusaders Battle in Egypt Arc (DVD)
-Spiderman Homecoming (Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital)
-Iron Man 1, 2, 3 (DVD)
-Shaun of the Dead (dDVD)*On Hold*
-Ocean’s Eleven (DVD)

-PS Vita: Lego Movie 1
-PS Vita: Norn9: Var Commons
-PS2: Pirates of the Carribean: Legend of Jack Sparrow
-PS2: Lord of the Rings

-Overwatch Funko Pop: McCree (Regular Vers.)
-Game of Thrones Funko Pop: Jon Snow
-JJBA Banpresto WCF(World Collectible Figure): Shigechi
-Venom Q-Fig: Venom
-Black Suit Spiderman: Titan Hero Series
-Disney Infinity 3.0 Darth Vader
-Disney Infinity 3.0 Yoda
-Disney Infinity 3.0 Kylo Ren*CLAIMED*
-Disney Infinity 3.0 Obi-Wan Kenobi*CLAIMED*
-Ichibansho Figure: One Piece Stampede Rob Lucci*CLAIMED*
-Cuphead Devil blind box figure
-Legend of Zelda Gashapon Mastersword figure
-Red and Teal ‘Among Us’ crewmate figures

-Set of (6) 1-Inch Can Pins -Osomatsu-san*CLAIMED*
-Animal Crossing Blathers Feather Enamel Pin
-Bigfoot Enamel Pin

-FNAF Twisted Bonnie
-BAtIM Sammy Lawrence

Odds and ends:
-Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates :Fire Emblem Fates/Conquest
[Pokemon Litten Plush strap
-FairyTail Key necklace, Gemini
-Jaws Tooth-shaped metal magnet from Universal Studios
-’IT’ mini Hairbrush NIB

Looking for: Cosplay materials, misc. series and horror merch or movies, but am willing to negotiate.
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Thursday: Casually a plague doctor
Friday: Kahuna Nanu from Pokemon Sun/Moon
Saturday: Scolippi from JJBA:VA
Sunday: Bruno Madrigal from Encanto
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by waynoinsano »

final update done

Package of Pokemon Oreos


Girls & Panzer vol 2 and 3
Naruto 15
Remote 1-4
So Cute It Hurts vol 4
The Third vol 2

Anchorman NEW sealed
Digimon Adventure Tri. Coexistence. NEW sealed
Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion. NEW sealed

Magic Mike NEW sealed
Liz and the Blue Bird NEW sealed

BMX XXX complete

Driver complete
Driver 2 complete
Future Cop LAPD complete
Gran Turismo complete (green label)
NFS High Stakes complete
Rogue Trip complete
Sim City 2000 complete
Sled Storm (former rental)

Armored Core 2 complete
Backyard Wrestling complete
Bloodrayne complete
Devil May Cry 2 complete
Jak and Daxter
Roadkill complete
Spider-man 2 complete
State of Emergency complete
Summoner complete

NFS Hot Pursuit
Persona 5 claimed
Valkyria Chronicles (former rental not original case but has original manual)

Bloodrayne 2 complete
Doom 3
NFS Carbon complete
Pocket Bike Racer complete
Red Ninja End of Honor complete
Tom Clancy's Classic Trilogy complete

Xbox 360
Mass Effect sealed (platinum hits)
Perfect Dark Limited Collector's Edition complete

Game Guides
Devil May Cry (Brady)
Driver 2 (Prima)
Fable 2 (Brady)
Pokemon Gold/Silver (Nintendo Power)
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (Brady)

Astro Boy vol 3 and 5 (2004 dvd release)
Black Butler season 1 part 2
Bleach vol 16
Crow 3 movie collection
Digimon Adventure tri : Confession 2 copies
Family Guy volume 1,2,3
Final Fantasy Spirits Within
Ghost Rider
Godannar complete series box set
Gungrave vol 1
Hack// Legend of the Twilight vol 3
Hack// Roots vol 1 and 3
In This Corner of the World(
Inuyasha movies 3 and 4
Karin vol 2
Resident Evil & Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2 movie set
Resident Evil Degeneration
Rocky Horror Picture Show claimed
Spider-man Limited Edition DVD Collector's Gift Set
Spider-man 2
Spider-man 3 w/ bonus content dvd
Transformers and Transformers beginnings 2 disc set

Diamond Select Toys Femme Fatales: Darkchylde PVC Statue
Hot Topic exclusive FLCL 12" Canti
Diamond Select Kingdom Hearts Sora PVC claimed
Diamond Select Sonic the Hedgehog Tails PVC
McFarlane Freddy Kruger
McFarlane Ghostface claimed
McFarlane Jason and Freddy 2 pack
McFarlane Michael Myers
McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Glenn 10"claimed
Power Rangers Red Ranger helmet legacy collection
Takara Tomy Japan Moncolle-ex Z waza EZW-01 Pikachu Figure claimed
Toy Biz Uncanny X-Men Wolverine 2nd- Edition
Reaction Alien

Darksiders 2 Death's Door
Walking Dead Road to Woodbury
Walking Dead Rise of the Governor
Walking Dead Fall of the Governor part 1 (hard cover)
Walking Dead Fall of the Governor part 2
Walking Dead Descent (hard cover)

Dragon Ball Z Ginyu Force vs. Z fighters t-shirt XL https://www.depop.com/products/vault_91 ... tur-force/
loot crate green/white ranger shirt XL https://www.ebay.com/itm/324979322355

Dino Crisis Regina dogtags was a preorder bonus for the 1st game https://i.imgur.com/IQ4Jxk1.jpg
Excel Saga Wallscroll
RIComiccon Star Wars Stormtrooper wind up tin toy
master replicas pirates of the caribbean cursed aztec gold coin (offically licensed by Disney)

Looking to fill in my manga collection
current series needing completion
Devil is a Part Timer vol 2 +
Devil is a Part Timer Highscool vol 6 +
Girls Und Panzer vol 5+
Haganai vol 12+
Highschool DXD vol 10 +
I Don't Like You At All Big Brother!! Manga Omnibus Volume 6
Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon vol 8 +
Monster Musume vol 14 +
Nisekoi vol 25 +
No Game No Life vol 2 +
Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary vol 8+
One Punch Man vol 13 +
Pretty Face vol 4
School Live vol 2 +
Venus Vs Virus Omnibus 3
WataMote vol 11 +
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Vol 5 +
Sentai Filmworks limited editions
but also into video games, anime, and figures. random stuff
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by End Sharpe »

I trade and buy Digimon merchandise (primarily digivolving and action figures). If you have any please bring them!
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by saffieb »

Hey everyone. Here’s my first list for 2022. I’ll update it as I find more stuff 😁

Just a heads up, I’m only going to be going to the meet on Saturday, so unless we’ve made a prior trade, I’m only bringing my dvds and manga to the swap.


Angel’s Feather
Bleach season 1
Digimon season 1-3 *CLAIMED*
Ef A Tale of Melodies
From Up on Poppy Hill
Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1-13 *CLAIMED*
Howl’s Moving Castle
Kyo Kara Maoh
My Neighbor Totoro
Pokémon Battle Frontier
Pokémon Galactic Battle 1, 2, + 4 *CLAIMED*
Ponyo (Blu-ray) *CLAIMED*
Princess Mononoke
Renta Magica *CLAIMED*
Spirited Away
Tamako Love Story (Blu-ray) *CLAIMED*
The Wind Also Rises *CLAIMED*
Tsubasa season 1 + OVA
Tsuredure Children (Blu-ray) *CLAIMED*


Alice in the Country of Clover- Cheshire Cat Waltz vol. 6
Digimon Tamers vol. 1 *CLAIMED*
Kaze Hikaru vol. 17
Pokémon Adventures vol. 19, 20, + Red
Rosario + Vampire season II vol. 5
The Saint’s Power is Omnipotent vol. 1
I Hear a Sunspot
Seaside Stranger vol. 1
You are my Happiness vol. 1


Battle of Los Angeles
Black Widow (Blu-ray)(sealed)
Bring it On: In It to Win It
Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: 3 Movie Collection (Blu-ray)(sealed)
Coco (Blu-ray)
Coco Before Chanel (No slip cover)
Corpse Bride
Doctor Strange (sealed)
Fantastic 4- Rise of the Silver Surfer
Finding Dory (Blu-ray)(sealed)
Finding Nemo (Blu-ray)(sealed)
Full House season 1
Glee pilot episode (director’s cut)
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi *CLAIMED*
Home Alone (Blu-ray)(sealed)
Home Alone 2 (Blu-ray)(sealed)
If I Stay
Land of the Lost season 1
Mac & Me
Percy Jackson- Lightening Thief
Percy Jackson- Sea of Monsters
Shrek 2
The Avengers
The Fault in Our Stars
The Heat
The Vampire’s Assistant
Thor (2)
Tutenstein vol. 1-3 *CLAIMED*
Zeus and Roxanne


Becoming a Master: The Ultimate Pokémon Experience
Sailor Moon Super S movie
Dragonheart: A New Beginning
When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth
The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue


BTS: Persona (sealed)
98 Degrees- And Rising
Billy Currington- Icon
Fall Out Boy- Infinty on High
Rascal Flatts- Changed
Rascal Flatts- Greatest Hits 1
Rascal Flatts- Nothing Like This


Bedazzled Lanyard
Black Neko Ears *CLAIMED*
Game Boy Advanced Carrying Case
HiDive Lanyard
Hugging Plush Bears Keychains *CLAIMED*
Lime Green Headphones
Mortal Instruments Lanyard
My Little Pony Apple Bloom Figure
My Little Pony Scootaloo Figure
Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Beanie
Pink/Black Newsboy Cap
Plug ‘N Play 50 Game Console
Pokémon Gaming Guides
Purple Heart-Shaped Coin Purse
Team Edward Bifold Wallet
Winnie the Pooh Plush Coin Purse *CLAIMED*
Guitar Hero (guitar only) (PS2)
DDR mat (PS2)
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by AnnaNeko »

list has been updated with some more games & manga, and added a bunch more photos to the album!
Anna K
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why, yes, I have been goin to this con since day 1. Wanna brain-break on the age math?
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by evil0108 »

Another year, another amazing swap meet!

I won't be bringing the bulk manga due to space so if u want stuff ahead of time just dm me. I will also be adding more to the list as time goes on.


Anime Blu ray:

No Game no Life Complete Series
Lupin III The First
Digimon Adventure Tri Reunion (Sealed)
Digimon Adventure Tri Coexistence (Sealed)

Video Games:

Danganronpa 1-2 Reload PS4
Devil May cry HD Collection PS4
DMC Devil may Cry PS4
Jak And Daxter HD Collection PS3

Manga: (Highly prefer to get rid of them all together)
My Hero Academia Volumes 1-16
One Punch Man Volumes 1-14

Wall Scroll: (dm me for pictures if u want a better look)

Jujutsu Kaisen (smaller one from Hot topic)

Card Games:
Pokemon Cards (will upload pics of the binder soon)

Wants: (might change between now and the con. If there is something u want but dont have anything I want, dm me and we can work something out)

Weiss Schwarz Cards (Packs, Trial Decks, Singles signed)
Pokemon Black Complete
Pokemon Black 2 Complete
Yu-gi-oh 5D'S World Championship 2011 Over the Nexus DS Complete
Black Clover Season 1-3 Blu Ray
Bleach Sets 2-5, 7, 8, 10-13.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Diamond Is Unbreakable Limited Edition Blu rays (both parts)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind Limited Edition Blu rays *both parts)
Intial D Wall Scroll
Demon Slayer Wall Scroll
Black Clover Wall Scroll This design just an official one. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81Q ... L1500_.jpg
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by Glyffi »

Hello! I've got quite a bit to trade off, so if you see anything you like, please PM me, and we can discuss it! I will be adding more to this as time goes on.


Children Who Chase Lost Voices
Hellsing Impure Souls ep. 1-3
Hellsing Ultimate Series: IV
Hetalia Season 1
Hetalia Season 2
Seraphim Ball
Wolf’s Rain ep. 1-5
xxxHolic ep. 1-8


Black Butler vol.1
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days vol. 1-3
K-ON! Vol. 1
MHA vol. 3
Pandora Hearts vol. 1-4
Persona 3 vol. 1
Puella Magi Madoka Magica vol. 1-3
Tokyo Ghoul vol. 1
The Irregular at Magic High School: Enrollment Arc vol. 2 (Light Novel)


AoT Jacket (XXL Asian - XL US)
Free! Iwatobi Jacket (sm/med)
Haikyuu!! Black Jackals Bokuto Zipup (XXL Asian - XL US)
Haikyuu!! Schweiden Adlers Kageyama Hoodie (XL Asian - L US)
2 Haikyuu!! T-shirts (Large)
Haikyuu!! Black Jackals Bokuto Jersey (Large)
Haikyuu!! Hoodie (Large)
Haikyuu!! Nishinoya Jersey (Large)
Haikyuu!! Tsukki Moon Hoodie (Large)
Harley Quinn Corset/bodysuit (Small)
Disney Stitch Zipup Hoodie (Large)
Tie Dye The God of High School (Large)
Fox Tail


Ahonana Menma Figure
Pusheen Plush
Medium Kenma Pillow
Haikyuu!! Canvas Bag
Haikyuu!! Pull string bag
Teach Me Japanese book
2 Japanese Children Workbooks
3 Japanese Children Picture Books
Critical Role Marquet Market Tote (New)
Pikachu Hand puppet
Sailor Moon Gashapon Venus Wand
Kuroko’s Basketball Wristband
Tokyo Ghoul Lanyard
New Hetalia Pink Handkerchief
Mini Stitch plush keychain
Small Stitch plush
Disney Evil Queen Domez
BTS Love Yourself Answer (2 CDs, Photobook)
Yuri On Ice - Jean Jacques Leroy keychain
Tardis Keychain
Haikyuu!! Kuji Keychain Tanaka
Misc Shugo Chara Keychains
This Year's Plans:

Kiyoko Shimizu (Haikyuu!)
Sora (Digimon 01)
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by waynoinsano »

small update in blue
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by silver-kyoko »

Hello, peeps! I got a good amount to trade. PM me if you are interested in anything and we can arrange a time to swap! I can do bundles if you’d like to equal the value of something.

Tenshi Muyo Universe blu-ray set
Sailor Moon manga vols 7,8,9,10,11,12 (No sticker residue on them please.)
Complete anime on blu-ray
Japanese manga
ARIA Merch or old Tokyo Pop manga vols, 3,4,5,6
Chobits anime on blu-ray
Chobits figures and merch
Sailor Moon figures
Hatsune Miku merch and figures
I’m interested other stuff as well.


Horimiya vol 1 (Has sticker residue on the back)
Sailor Moon vol 7 (Has sticker residue on the back)
Log Horizon vol 1
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid vol 1,2
A Bride’s Story vol 1,5,6
Delicious in Dungeon vol 8

English Light Novels:

Log Horizon vol 2
Devil is a Part Timer vol 1
Book Girl vol 1,2
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya vol 1 (Original Hardcover edition)

Anime DVDs:

Hidemari Sketch complete seasons 1+2*CLAIMED*
Shakugan no Shana complete season 1
Origin: Spirits of the past
Kino’s Journey complete season 1

Strike Witches complete first season
How to Train your Dragon movie set

Figures/Anime Merch:

Alter Strike Witches Yoshika Miyafuji 1/8 scale figure
Strike Witches wallscroll
Sailor Saturn wallscroll
Love Live Nozomi phone strap keychain bundle for itabags (PM me for more details)
RE-Ment Pokémon Starrium series Flygon figure
Re-Ment Pokémon Starrium series Plusle and Minun figures*CLAIMED*
Nozomi Tojo Cheer ver. FigFix figure


Short Orange wig
Eli Ayase wig
Honoka Kousaka wig
Attack on Titan Garrison Jacket 3XL

Will update if I find more to add here.
AB 2022 Line-up
Thursday: Myself
Friday: Cure Custard(PreCure)
Saturday: Xiangling(Genshin Impact)
Sunday: Chi(Chobits)
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by waynoinsano »

Another update in RED
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by KiwiKei »

Hey y'all! Got a lot of stuff I'm willing to trade.
If you're interested in anything its best to message me on IG (kiwi.kei) or on Twitter (chezphoenix). I can send photos too upon request!

Cosplay Stuff
Ruby Kurosawa Wig
Short blonde wig
Long white wig
Long Black and pink layered wig

Maki Nishikino Unidolized Magician cosplay (size US s)
Toy story alien onesie (size M)
White cravat

Manga/Comics (All English Prints), DVDS, and Games

Parasyte volume 1
By the sword volume 1
Saint Young Men volume 8
Samurai Deeper volume 12
Queen's Quality volume 2
Team America volumes 1-12 (complete collection)

Hellsing episodes 7-9
Ergo Proxy episodes 13-16
The Twelve Kingdoms chapter 7
Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4

Autographed official Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 24" x 36" (Signed by Eric Vale, Trina Nishimaru, Monica Rial, and Vic Mignona)
Honoka Kosaka 5.75" x 4"
Rin Hoshizora 5.75" x 4"
Fanart Ace Attorney 10" x 8"
Fanart Gangsta 10.75" x 14"
Fanart Yuri on Ice 12" x 18"
Fanart Bungou Stray Dogs 10.5" x 17"
Fanart Sailor Moon 8.5" x 11"
Fanart Ancient Magus Bride 4" x 6"
Fanart Nozeli original screen print
Fanart Edgewright/Wrightworth original screen print

Figures, stands, and Plushies
God of War Statue / Figure Stone Mason's Collectors Edition - Sony Interactive Kratos and Atreus
Hanayo Koizumi Maid Figure
Rin Kagamine Remote Control Block Figure
Len Kagamine Remote Control Block Figure
Hatsune Mikue Block Figure
Len Kagamine Servant of Evil petite Nendoroid
Rin Kagamine Daughter of Evil chibi figure
Luka Megurine Piano Figure
Phoenix Wright Figure
Kansai Collection Yukikaze Figure Summer Holiday Version
Chihaya Kisaragi Figure - Masters of the Idol World SQ PVC Figure
Poison Ivy Imposter Pop
Joker Pop
Batman Pop
Pride Stitch Pop
Al Bundy Pop
Luke Skywalker Pop Bobblehead
Hero Mashers Kanan Jarrus
Sailor moon cup figure
Pokémon GET mini Figure blind box

Umi Sonoda Acrylic stand
Apollo Justice acrylic stand
Iris Wilson acrylic stand
Maggey bryde acrylic stand
Pearl Fey acrylic stand
Blue Badger acrylic stand
Larry butz acrylic stand
Klavier Gavin acrylic stand
Miles edgeworth prince acrylic stand
Phoenix wright Acrylic stands (I have a few different ones)

Rin Hoshizora Sega Sonic Jumbo Nesoberi
Maki Nishikino uniform Jumbo Nesoberi
Maki Nishikino Hugging Plush
Umi Sonoda Prize plush
Phoenix Wright Tsum Tsum
Godot Tsum tsum
Klavier Gavin Tsum tsum
Phoenix Wright charm plush
Maya Fey charm plush
Steel Samurai charm plush
Kirito SAO plush
Asuna SAO plush
Sailor Uranus plush
ACCA plush (from Loot crate)
Iron Man Itty bitty
Flash Itty bitty
Nemo Itty bitty
Dory Itty bitty
Beast Tsum tsum
Simba tsum tsum

Charms and Pins
Goofy tsum tsum charm (for arcade game)
Christmas Donald duck tsum tsum charm (for arcade game)
Harley Quinn Pop charm
12th Doctor Pop charm
Lavi Bookman Omanjuu
Hayabusa Shou rubber charm
Monokuma rubber charm
Midare Toushiro rubber charm
Namazuo Toushiro rubber charm
Fanart Luna Sea Acrylic charm
Fanart Hanzo Acrylic charm
Cure Rosetta pillow charm
Pretty Cure blind charm box
Phichit Chulanont rubber charm
Yuri Plisetsky Figure charm
F. Scott Fitzgerald rubber charm
Kenji Miyazawa rubber charm
Mori Ogai Acrylic Charms (I have four different ones)
Maki Nishikino Acrylic charm
Maki Nishikino power puff girl Acrylic charm
Maki Nishikino rubber charm
Eli ayase metal charm
Honoka Kosaka Acrylic charm
Nozomi tojo nesoberi charm
Rin Hoshizora nesoberi charm
Umi Sonoda Maid rubber charm
Umi Sonoda Figure charm
Yohane Tsushima rubber charms (I have a few different ones)
Yohane Tsushima Figure charm
Mari O'Hara rubber charm
Fanart Maki Nishikino Maid acrylic charm
Miku rubber charm
Luka Megurine rubber charm
Christmas rin Kagamine rubber charm
Christmas len kagamine rubber charm
Christmas hatsune miku rubber charm
Kaito x monster hunter charm
Kokone rubber charm
Gakupo guitar pick charm
Gakupo rubber charm
HUGE len kagamine charm
Len kagamine pillow Charms (I have a few different ones)
Rin Kagamine pillow charm
Meiko pillow charm
Kaito pillow charm
Maya fey Charms (I have a few different ones)
Pearl Fey Charms (I have a few different ones)
Mia Fey Charms (I have a few different ones)
Franziska Von Karma Charms (I have a few different ones)
Miles edgeworth Charms (I have a few different ones)
Phoenix wright Charms (I have a few different ones)
Susato Mikotoba Charms (I have a few different ones)
Iris Wilson acrylic charm
Dick Gumshoe acrylic charm
Apollo Justice rubber charm
Apollo Justice Figure charm
Phoenix wright Figure charm
Miles edgeworth Figure charm
Fanart klavier Gavin acrylic charm

Jack Skellington Metal Pin
Stardew Emily Enamel Pin
Stardew Penny Enamel Pin
Stardew Maru Enamel Pin
Stardew Hailey Enamel Pin
Princess Mononoke Soft Enamel pin
Yui Plisetsky can badge
Victor Nikiforov and Makkachin can badge
Jean Jacques Leroy (JJ) Acrylic Pin
Yohane Tsushima Acrylic pin
F. Scott Fitzgerald can badge
F. Scott Fitzgerald oval pin
Len kagamine pin
Rin Kagamine kimono pin
Rin Kagamine and Luka Megurine kimono pin
Kaito shion pins (I have a few different ones)
Hatsune Miku pins (I have a few different ones)
Susato Mikotoba pins (I have a few different ones)
Pearl Fey pins (I have a few different ones)
Maya fey pins (I have a few different ones)
Iris Wilson pins (I have a few different ones)
Barok Van zieks pins (I have a few different ones)
Kazuma asogi pins (I have a few different ones)
Franziska Von Karma pin
Mia Fey pin
Seishiro jigoku pin
Godot pin
Herlock Sholmes Pin
Apollo Justice pin
Miles edgeworth pin
Phoenix wright pin
Ace attorney concert pin

Trading Cards, Folders, and Autograph Boards
Reneigh AC amiibo
Cyd AC amiibo
Audie AC amiibo
Faith AC amiibo
Azalea AC amiibo
Ace AC amiibo
Judy AC amiibo
Roswell AC amiibo
Petri AC amiibo
Eli ayase cheerleader trading card
Honoka Kosaka swimsuit trading card
Aqours trading card
Love live story trading card
Eli ayase story trading card
Mari O'Hara trading card
Umi Sonoda trading card
Rin Kagamine Melancholy trading card
Hatsune mikue violet butterfly trading card

Aqours small clear file folder
Aqours first years small clear file folder
Eli ayase clear file folder
Nozomi tojo clear file folder
Nico Yazawa clear file folder
Luka Megurine clear file folder
Rin Kagamine clear file folder
Kaito and Len Kagamine clear file folder
Bad end Night clear file folder
Vocaloid clear file folder
Hatsune miku clear file folder
Apollo Justice clear file folder

Maki Nishikino autograph board
Hanayo Koizumi auatograph board
Honoka Kosaka autograph board
Chika tamarind autograph board
Hanamaru Kunikida autograph board
Pearl Fey autograph board

Everyone is Awesome Lego Set
Cinnamonroll transparent coin purse
Urahara puffy journal
Umi Sonoda clip
Otabek Altin clip
Umi Sonoda towel
Meiko rubber bracelet
Kaito rubber bracelet
Rin and Len Kagamine rubber bracelet
Len kagamine circular fan
Phoenix wright Cafe coaster
Phoenix wright Acrylic clip
Ace attorney orchestra frame
Maya fey princess bookmark
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by coscove »

I'm helping a few folks with their items and will be bringing these in!

Cosplay Wigs:
Short blond wig 1: https://coscove.com/listings/coscove-blond-wig
Short blond wig Bakugou Katsuko from My Hero Academia: https://coscove.com/listings/petrycospl ... g-could-be
Short/medium blonde wig: https://coscove.com/listings/coscove-blonde-wig
Dark long Blonde wig: https://coscove.com/listings/petrycospl ... blonde-wig
Yu Yu Hakusho - black wig: https://coscove.com/listings/petrycospl ... hort-black
Elsa starter wig: https://coscove.com/listings/mengshu-st ... -bought-it

Darling in the Franxx - Zero 2: https://coscove.com/listings/somniacosp ... y-for-sale
Jojos Bizarre Adventure - Koichi Hirose: https://coscove.com/listings/petrycospl ... e-a-set-of
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Ignatz Victor: https://coscove.com/listings/petrycospl ... black-vest
Final Fantasy XV - Prompto Argentum: https://coscove.com/listings/petrycospl ... le-chocobo
Historical evil snow white queen: https://coscove.com/listings/mengshu-go ... historical

Ahri ears: https://coscove.com/listings/somniacosp ... i-ears-for
elsa cape: https://coscove.com/listings/mengshu-i- ... -this-elsa
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by Pyroc96 »


i will be bringing some movies, nintendo DS games, and some small and cool random stuff I found

i also have vintage nonholo/holo / modern pokemon cards. i will be looking for the same
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xbox live gamertag id: DarkFireMage773
nintendo network id: pyroc965
Switch: SW-8317-0208-1418
steam: yugi.may95

add me if u want. i need some friends on xbox live and steam. i also need friends on switch
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by saffieb »

AB 2022- Boris Airay (Alice in the Country of Hearts)
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by KQBeans »

List updated!
~AB 2022 Lineup~
Thursday: Casually a plague doctor
Friday: Kahuna Nanu from Pokemon Sun/Moon
Saturday: Scolippi from JJBA:VA
Sunday: Bruno Madrigal from Encanto
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by Nanashi9 »

I am just checking to make sure this is still going on and where it will be this year (It looks like it is but I am just making sure)
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by saffieb »

According to the temporary schedule, it’s going to be in the Hynes Panel Room A. But apparently it’s subject to change up until the con.
AB 2022- Boris Airay (Alice in the Country of Hearts)
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by waynoinsano »

Final update in Purple
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by Forestguardian »

it Isnt much at the moment, but please get these items off my hands! i will update as i think of more stuff to add/ how well this does. dm me on Discord @Forest#0177 Instagram @Forestguardian_x if you want something
If no one wants stuff, i wont bring the stuff

1) Pokemon TCG Legends Arceus collector's bundle box (unopened) Claimed
2) Tanjiro (demon slayer) 3inch Bandai figure (still in box)
3) Zenitsu (demon slayer) 3inch Bandai figure (still in box)
4) Funko pop 868: Nezuko (Demon slayer) (In box, Never removed from box)
5) Funko pop 1019: Naruto Hello Kitty Glow in the dark [Target exclusive] (never removed from box)

looking for:
Pokemon plushies, Osomatsu-san stuff, Persona 5 stuff
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Pronouns: They/ Them

If you have any questions about the meet/ shoot don’t hesitate to dm me on my social media

🔥Instagram: https://instagram.com/forestguardian_x? ... =copy_link
💦Twitter: https://twitter.com/dumbsquidenergy?s=21

AB 2022 line-up:
Pre-reg: Bowser jr.
Fri AM: Emmet- Pokémon (for meet up)
Fri PM: Ryuji- Persona 5
Sat AM: Emmet- pokemon
Sat PM: Little Mac (for smash meet)
Sun: Karamatsu- Osomatsu-san
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by Pyroc96 »

i have updated my post
xbox live gamertag id: DarkFireMage773
nintendo network id: pyroc965
Switch: SW-8317-0208-1418
steam: yugi.may95

add me if u want. i need some friends on xbox live and steam. i also need friends on switch
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by NGKazuma »

Kinda new to stuff like the Swap Meet. I’m coming only Saturday, but I’m looking to make space in my closet, as I got plenty Demon Slayer and Love Live! plushies.

I’m mainly looking to surprise my gf with some Seto Kaiba or Ichinose Tokiya goodies, or some Kaito. I think she’s into DMMD, but the other ones are a bit more of a want.

On my part, I am always looking for Love Live plushies (specially if you got nesoberi you don’t want) or hats.

As much as I would love to share the full list of plushies, I would tell you to check my Insta: @ngkazuma for a detailed list of what I got available. I’ll be doing rounds in a Love Live happi so, I’ll be easy to spot.
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by Faceman »

An update to the Swap Meet:

You may see in the Program Guide and Con Chowdah saying the Swap Meet is in Sheraton Grand Ballroom. That is a goof on us. It is in Hynes Panel A, per the online schedule and Guidebook.
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by AnnaNeko »

Faceman wrote: Mon May 23, 2022 7:13 pm That is a goof on us. It is in Hynes Panel A, per the online schedule and Guidebook.
Thank you for reassuring clarification so early!
Anna K
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by SummerOtaku »

Hello all! I am looking to off load a bunch of stuff but since I'm grabbing a train up on thursday morning preplanning the swaps is going to be key on what I actually bring- PM me here or SummerOtaku in gmail.

Have Available

Bleach Manga vol 1-5

My Hero Merch from CultureFly boxes:
*Mineta Hat
*All Might & Deku Spin keychain
*All Might after Kamino bookplate
*Can't Stop Twinkling night light
*Characters string lights
*Mt Lady Vinyl figure
*Bakugo Vinyl figure

Student Bakugo #329 & Froppy #328 Figpins

Strange Planet Vinyl figures from Culturefly box

Funko Pop etc:
*AllforOne #609
*Midnight #736
*Toonami Tom #749
*Blacklight Freddy #377
*Prince Adam #992
*She-Ra #38
*Goose flocked #426
*hawaiian Punch punchy #116
*silver Goku with nimbus #109
*Huntress #305
*Snowman Jack #448
Princess Leia large pop pin
Cowboy Bebop Ein with XL shirt
Secret Wars 2xl Tshirt

Loot Crate Saint Seiya white baseball cap
Loot Crate Deathnote light

Jester/Harly Quinn Laplander type hat
Deadpool Finders Keypers figure
BTS RM figure
Haikyuu 2021 Calendar book

Pokemon Center Bidoof hat
Wobbuffet plush 7 inch
Pikachu plush 3 inch
Some random Pokemon things like pins from previous Pokemon go community days & small toys

Pusheen with donut vinyl figure from Pusheen box

Looking for:
Cool merch for

* JJK (especially Nanami and/or Gojo)
*Haikyuu (especially Bokuto and/or Kuroo)
*My Hero Academia (especially Shinsou, Eraserhead, Todoroki, or erasermic or Tododeku or Shindeku ships)
*Skip Beat
*The Kings Avatar
*Sanji (or Sanji/anyone stuff)
*Gojyo (Saiyuki), Shikamaru (Naruto), Tasuki (Fushigi Yugi), Hitsuguya (Bleach)
*Enamal pins
*Ita Bags
*Stationary or home goods anime stuff
*Pusheen, Gloomy bear, Rilakkuma things

A ton of missing manga
Accomplishments of the Dukes Daughter 1
Battle Royal vol 7-11, 13, 15-end
Beauty Pop 1-6
Claymore 1,3
Crescent Moon 2,4
Descendants of Darkness 7,9, 11-end
Dragon Hunter 12,15-end
Eye Sheild 21 2, 8-10, 12-end
Fairy Tail 3, 5-7, 9-10
Fake 1
From Far Away 12-end
Girl Got Game 3
Gravitation 1
Haikyuu 6, 17
Honey & Clover 1-2, 5, 7-9
Jujutsu Kaisen 2-8, 10-current
Kimi No Todoki 1-4
Kiss Me, Kill Me 3-4
La Corda D’oro 3-4
Host Club 2, 7, 16
Project Arms 1
Rebirth 7,10-16, 18-20
Kenshin 2
SA 1
Wallflower 5
Welcome to the Ballroom 8
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by Cave »

Ugh, I'm doing this super late since I've been so busy but figured I'd add it.

Trade agreements will have to be made prior to convention since we cannot bring this with us.

Want: Honestly, we're so picky with stuff nowadays and have limited space. If you see something you REALLY want, let me know. If I don't see anything on your list that's interesting, I'd probably just give it away without a trade.


English Manga:
CardCaptor Sakura (unflipped) vols 1 & 3
CardCaptor Sakura (flipped) vols 3-5
Fushigi Yuugi vol 5
Gravitation vol 11
Negima! vol 1
Demon Diary vols 1 & 2
Nodame Cantabile vol 2
Samurai Deeper Kyo vols 1-3
Chobits vols 1-3
Ai Yori Aoshi vols 1-2
07-Ghost vols 1-3
Air Gear vol 2

Japanese Manga:
Urotsukidouji (18+ only) 2 & 6

Air: The Motion Picture
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA set 2 (bought used)

The following DVDs are official DVDs, but they do not have cases:
Space Battleship Yamato live action movie - DVD & blu ray available
Freezing season 2
Ookami-san and Her Seven Companions full series
Selector Infected Wixoss episodes 1-12
The Legend of Legendary Heroes full series
Sengoku Basara the Last Party


Voltron Legendary Defender T (navy, 5XL). Design features Voltron's face, 5 lions, chibis and the Voltron logo)
8-Bit Zelda T (black, 5XL). Design is an 8-bit map of a forest area.
Marvel T (white or an off-white color, 5XL). Design is... I think it's Thanos with the power glove thing (I don't know Marvel lol) sitting with some cartoony skulls around him.


Touken Ranbu Honebami keychain
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu Mutsunokami stand/keychain (can be either)
Kancolle Akagi + Kaga doujin novel (no pictures, text only) in Japanese 18+ only
A small Marvel... figure, I think. I should have opened the box.
Pokemon wallet (features the original 3 starters and pikachu)
A Hulk 6" bowl. The design is a green bowl with his hand like he's holding it.
Attack on Titan Military Police insignia necklace
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Re: Swap Meet Thread for 2022

Post by Pyroc96 »

just updated my post
xbox live gamertag id: DarkFireMage773
nintendo network id: pyroc965
Switch: SW-8317-0208-1418
steam: yugi.may95

add me if u want. i need some friends on xbox live and steam. i also need friends on switch
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