Anime Boston By Night Packs

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Anime Boston By Night Packs

Post by kendernwj » Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:05 am

Here are the packs for this year and who they are loyal to...well as loyal as any vampire can be to another

Cerberus, The pack of Bishop Alucard and Bishop Light
One year ago, three packs became one to defeat the threat of the Camarilla and Giovanni. Later that very evening the pack was able to take control of the council of Bishops with 2 of the 3 seated members. For the last year Cerberus has ruled the city though strength of numbers, unity and it's Bishops. Their ability to bully people in both a very physical and political sense has not made them many friends, but with the power they hold who can really argue. As with any large group infighting is also bound to happen and not even the bonds of Vinculum have kept the pack whole and complete. With the splitting of the Gung-Ho-Guns as well as fighting within the pack, Cerberus keeps itself strong but people are starting to see cracks in the juggernaut, are these cracks offer ample opportunity or feigns of weakness to draw out enemies?

Children of Jenova, The pack of Bishop Rufus
In the shadows they have built themselves a strong following and reputation as a pack full of priests. Their following strengthened by their skills in throwing some of the best games and rituals in town. This gained them enough status that their Ductus was able to step into the vacated Bishops seat left when Dan killed it's previous owner. Since than the Children have become the spiritual backbone of Boston.

Keepers of the Shikon Jewel: Loyal to Dan
This virtually unknown pack exploded into power with the appearance of a elder known only as Dan. Upon joining the Keepers he helped them manipulate and claw their way into a position of power without giving up the hidden secret of their pack. Shortly after his appearance Dan defeated the Third Bishop of Boston, giving the defeated Bishops blood to the packs ductus. Since then the Keepers have enjoyed a position of slight authority in the city of Boston. The trump card of an elder Sabbat that still follows it’s Ductus lead allows the Keepers to do their research and protect their secret while also playing the game of Sabbat Politics

Red Dragons – Loyal to Bishop Light
With the Giovanni seemingly gone and the Camarilla deep deep DEEP underground the Red Dragons have been getting restless. Over the past years they have actively patrolled the borders of Boston not from any sense of duty but because they are itching for a real fight just that badly. Having been known to tussle with the police of the city as well as rumors abound of them leaving town to stir up trouble this reputable War Pack is chomping at the bit to test itself once more.

Millenion- Loyal to the Pack of Cerberus
With the Cami and Gio gone, Millenion has had plenty of room to play. Millenion has been slowly building up influence and contacts in the city in hopes of taking the city's reigns from their much larger competitor, despite the often close relationship Millenion has with the much larger pack. The problem is they have made their plans known to too many people over the last year and now Cerberus watches and uses them constantly, but Cerberus knows that without Millenion the money and influence that allows the Sabbat to reign over Boston would quickly trickle and die out. So for now the packs dance around each other, Millenion biding it’s time doing Cerberus’ bidding.

Gung-ho-Guns: Loyal to the pack of Cerberus
With the joining of Cerberus and it's large internal population, Demon hunting for Hellsing fell to the side lines when compared to the responsibilities of running the city. A number of members affected by the Demons activities of last year decided to band together outside of the three headed ruler of the city and make their own pack that could focus purely on hunting down Demons. Few members of the Gung-ho-guns originated from Hellsing. Though not fully supported by the Sabbat Inquisition this pack strives to be a part of the honored group of demon hunters. Thought a new addition to the city their loyalty to the sect and drive to prove themselves has allowed them a quick rise to one of the more respected packs of Boston, especially with their close ties to the Hellsing part of the Cerberus pack.

S.O.S. Brigade: Loyal to Nobody
Some Cainites just wanna have fun. The S.O.S. Brigade makes everything a game, and there isn't one they aren't willing to try. This pact of fun loving twisted monsters enjoys “Ordering Out” as much as they like playing "Find the Baby" as their own form of capture the flag. Their grisly fun time intimidates some of the other pacts while others see them as nothing more then Children. Last year after their tiff with Hellsing the SOS Brigade left town. Sneaking back in they have done their best to stay on the fringe of Sabbat politics in the city of Boston. With an active Wild Hunt leveled against them they are forced to be subtle, clever and on the edge. Just as the Brigade likes it. They have few and far between who they can trust, and because of their past, those that the Brigade trust are more wary to trust the Brigade in return.

Chronos: Loyal to the Bishop Alucard
Despite the changes of Bostons political and sect landscape. Little has changed for the members of Chronos, except they're seen this time of Sabbat Dominance as a vacation of sorts. This well rounded pack of tactical assassins and political masterminds can finally put their feet up and relax. Only having to deal with their own sects politics instead of fighting a constant battle on many fronts trying to stop the Sabbat from being eaten by their foes. Chronos has taken up the position of peacekeepers in the city of Boston. Doing their best to keep the fighting between packs to a minimum and with as little loss to Sabbat resources as possible. That isn't to say there aren't rumors of certain trouble makers disappearing shortly after a heated conversation with Chronos.

Zaibach: Loyal to the Bishop Light
Rumors abound about what happened at the Tremere Chantry last year, Zaibach has been curious about them and have been delving deep into research trying to figure out how the Tremere gained such magical skills. Though the chantry was abandoned, their limited skills only allowed them to barely scratch the surface of the abandoned Tremere chantry before they were no longer able to enter once more. Their research has lead the pack into darker and darker depths of experiments and rituals. But still they don't stop. The other packs has started to fear the Zaibach not only for their mysterious magics, but also for their newly found cruelty and the complete loss of anything representing the care of human or cainite life.

Juppongatana: Loyal to the Bishop Rufus
The last year has done little to change the Juppongatana's plans, except frustrate them. Their drive is still nothing less than for Cainites far and wide to rule over lowly mortals as king rules over cattle, with them sitting in the largest throne of all. But with two Bishops in their rival pack Cerberus much of their plans have been slow or thwarted. They continue though to make themselves known in the city and grow more and more frustrated at the power the other packs have managed to collect despite their best efforts. Cerberus, the Keepers and the Children all claim more influence than Juppongatana.

Homunculi: Loyal to the Bishop Rufus
A new pack to the city of Boston, this pack was brought here by rumors and hearsay hoping to gain entrance to the now defeated Tremere Chantry. Upon finding their way blocked by both the Zaibach and a somehow reawakened Chantry they decided to stay in town and try and find out more information about the rumors they heard. Since arriving in the city they have proven themselves to be of use both for their Occult knowledge and this skills in battle and intrigue, though few know anything about the rumors this pack is researching.

Shinra/Turks: Loyal to the Bishop Alucard
With the Sabbat taking over Boston, a pack arrived hoping to gain the benefits of the city's wealth without having had to go through the hard times to earn it. They have done well for themselves despite the fact that most of the other packs of Boston see them as a bunch of opportunist cherry pickers. They have been able to snatch much influence and power, though subtle, from the grasps of the other packs. Leaving them both with many tools at their finger tips but also many enemies within the city at their heels.

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