Anime Boston by Night, LARP!

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Anime Boston by Night, LARP!

Post by brighteyesblake » Mon May 11, 2009 11:22 am

Anime Boston By Night, Live Action Roleplaying

Attention fellow Sabbat!
A tale of lasts years Sabbat conquest of the prissy Camarilla’s and incestuous Giovanni’s defeat. Joins us won’t you fellow Sabbat members, you holy monsters living in the city of Boston, and her suburbs. All are welcome to share in the nights events! Join the three Bishops in a story that will truly boil and bring our undead hearts to a crescendo of pure rhapsody as one of the Bishops recaps the story of victory won by we kindred the Mighty Sword of Caine! Truly rare sights these nights shall be seen, and that is not all. After the story is ended an announcement shall be made concerning every Kindred, and a mantel can be taken up the opportunity for one of the members of the mighty sword to become Archbishop of this mighty Sabbat City. To really get the party on the way there will also be a test of pure courage one that only the Sabbat has ever mastered. A Fire Dance shall welcome all who dare to pass through and over the fire. See if your fellow kindred have the courage to ride the beasts fear and master it completely. There are plenty of kine to feast upon, but remember this Sabbat event is being held in plain sight that means tact is in order when dealing with the vitae bloated children of Seth. Titles and status perhaps even prizes will be given to those cainites who prove them to be truly Sabbat. So I extend this invitation to all, and if you wish to bring a staked Camarilla or Giovanni or two to the party even better!

As they say,
Let’s PARTY!


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