Looking For A Few Good Gamers For Anime Boston 2009....

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Looking For A Few Good Gamers For Anime Boston 2009....

Post by smoagendash » Sun Feb 22, 2009 10:40 am

Hey there,

I am doing an initial shout-out to see who is interested in helping out in Live Gaming at Anime Boston 2009, which will be taking place on May 21-23st this year. This is Memorial Day weekend, a vast improvement over Easter weekend last year. Yay!

For those interested in running something this year, here's how it works: anyone who puts in 16 hours of time gets a free pass to the con and a bunk in the hotel. Folks who run 8 hours of events on Saturday can get a Saturday pass. Of course if you just want to run one or two games for no comp, well, that's ok too!

I am specifically looking for:

* DMs to run role-playing games. Any system is good, though D&D is most popular amongst gamers right now. I generally ask DMs to run four 4-hour "Adventure" events during the con, although we have started experimenting with 2-hour "Encounter" events – these could be the climactic scene of an adventure (a gang of thieves just about to sneak into the wizard's sanctum after bypassing most of his guards), or merely a short incident the players stumble into (a riddle in an ancient shrine, an ambush by bandits or a mission to track down the bandit's camp using an informer). As per last year, you can repeat sessions (i.e. run Adventure A twice for 8 hours total, Encounter B twice for 4 hours total, and Encounter C twice for 4 hours, for a grand total of 16 hours for the con).
* Experienced boardgamers to demo specific games and to be available to play with con-goers for quick pick-up games.
* Certified judges for either Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh or Naruto CCGs.

Live Gaming hours this year will be:

Friday: noon – 3am
Saturday: 10am- 2am
Sunday: 10am-4pm

If you are interested, please respond as soon as you can (and definitely by March 10th):

* your name and current email address
* whether you are looking to be full-time (16 hours), part-time (8 hours on Saturday), or no comp.
* the title and a short description (2-3 sentences long) of the event(s) you want to run. DMs, you don't need to fully design your events by 3/10/09, just submit the title, game system and description. If you want to demo board games, let me know which games.
* what times during the convention you would prefer to play.
* what your shirt size is. This year, we will be giving all Live Gaming staff a free Pandemonium store shirt to increase staff visibility. Please note that these are NOT Anime Boston staff shirts! They denote NO status outside Live Gaming.

Please email me at smoagendash(at)gmail(dot)com, with the subject line: AB'09 Live Gaming volunteer.

Thanks, and see you at Anime Boston!