Tabletop Gaming Room - Lineup

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Tabletop Gaming Room - Lineup

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We are pleased to announce Everbrush Entertainment returns with a weekend of isekai shenanigans!
Get teleported to a new world, survive (hopefully) and make it home (probably)!

Sessions will begin at the noted time each day once at least two people have selected or created their characters and sat with a chosen DM. Sessions are open drop-in and drop-out, with pre-generated characters available. We will have open tables for you to run your own sessions as well!

Learn more about how to sign up -

Time Schedule
9AM-1PM : A Strange New World
3PM-7PM: A Heist Against the Crown
9AM-1PM: A Strange New World
3PM-7PM: A Heist Against the Crown
10AM-3pM: Dancing with the Demon Lord

Session Summaries

Session 1 - A Strange New World
A whole new Isekai adventure in the Dungeons and Dragons Realm. Find out how to get the portal open so you can get back to the convention! Interact with NPCs, go to the local tavern, and even delve into a dungeon!
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Session 2 - A Heist Against the Crown
After an adventure in the dungeon, the Isekai Party finds themselves in the castle of the realm! Only thing is: they aren’t invited to the banquet going on that night. A grand heist against the crown of the land is the party’s next step in gathering components to get a portal back home!
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Session 3 - Dancing With the Demon Lord
As all stories do, we come to our finale fight against who else, but a Demon Lord? A fierce and perilous battle ensues as the party gathers the last piece needed to open the portal and get back to the realm from whence they came!
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