Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

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Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by Kiarrens » Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:53 am

Hello everyone! We hope that you had an amazing convention! Please post here all of your feedback for:

Cosplay Games
Cosplay Repair Room
Cosplay Photoshoots

We’d love to hear what we did right AND wrong so we can improve your experiences for future years!
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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by Victablook » Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:25 am

i was absolutely impressed by the contestant selection for the cosplay games. i was a contestant in death match, and watched match game, lip sync battle, and chess. they have been incredible and the contestants killed it. there were a few technical issues here and there, but i was still highly impressed. in my opinion, this year's death match was the best i have ever seen in terms of stage combat and cosplay.

however, i do wish that there was some sort of announcement made earlier that all cosplot participants were picked and confirmed. i have known a few who were still waiting on their decision, and i did see a response in this forum that the participants have already been picked long ago. it would be appreciated in the future in case there were other applicants who were getting their hopes up ^^
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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by Selestyl » Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:31 pm

Chess was AMAZING. I laughed so hard and loved watching all the creative battles! I know how hard you all work, having done it before, and it was absolutely worth it. You all worked together well, and the hosts had a great rapport. Amazing job, everyone, and the coordinators did a fantastic job drawing us in!!
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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by runicmagitek » Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:55 pm

This was my first year being a part of cosplay games and I had an utter blast with it. Staff was incredibly helpful with making sure we had what we needed during cosplay chess, whether it was water, directions to the bathroom, or assistance with getting on stage/letting us know when to go up. I've been in a number of theatre productions in the past and I must say, how you guys organized everything backstage was impressive! Thank you for the bright tape that navigated where to go once off stage (I didn't wear my glasses and can't do contacts when I cosplay mostly, so even I couldn't miss it). Though speaking of things I couldn't see... thank you to whoever finally said my sword and scabbard were backwards when I was trying to sheathe my sword after dying (I was Satsuki during chess). Again... blind without glasses and couldn't tell D: so appreciate whoever said it. Also, THANK YOU ROADEY FOR HOLDING MY SCABBARD WHILE I WENT OFF TO DIE AND I'M SORRY IF I CAME OFF ALOOF/SNAKRY WHEN WE STRUGGLED WITH SAID SWORD I WAS JUST TRYING TO STAY IN CHARACTER I LOVE YOU YOU'RE AWESOME!

Another thing that made me immensely happy... I'm a 30-year-old with years of experience in theatre and it truly warmed my heart to see there be such a plethora of ages and experience level within cosplay chess, thus I can only imagine it's extended to the other cosplay games, too. It didn't come off as elitist AT ALL. And I LOVE that.

While I was not a part of it, I still attended Afterdark Dating Game and I swear, it gets better and better every year. The final round had me in tears. Also the synergy between Greed and Russia was A++ (as was the amount of roasting Greed was getting from the contestants!) and I hope to see them again as hosts next year! My only complaint with Afterdark was that the yuri round felt like it was 3 or 4 questions too long in comparison to the others, but still good all around.

I went to two of the organized photoshoots and had a lot of fun with both. The RWBY one on Saturday was extremely crowded and definitely felt like it needed a bigger space, though (the FB event says 120+ people were going to it and I think the Jupiter section is meant only for 50-75 people?). I also don't know if you guys have anything against megaphones, but man, I wish our poor host had one so a) we could actually hear what she was calling out and b) she didn't lose her voice. Also, I don't know if it was done before in previous years, but I loved having the photoshoots listed in the guidebook!

All around, thank you immensely for putting together all of this for everyone. Can't wait to do it all again next year!
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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by Thrillho » Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:36 am

I definitely enjoyed both After Dark Dating Game and Chess, though I was a bit confused/surprised with how early Dating Game was scheduled. But it also felt like most of the panel schedule was strange this year (I elaborated on the convention feedback forum post).

Hopefully next year I get myself organized enough to apply for Games!
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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by ksisterscosplay-erica » Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:50 pm

The Cosplay Photo Suite was the BEST. It was so great to be able to have a real photographer take pics of our cosplays even though we couldn't afford a full private shoot this time around. $20 for a full set of edited photos is amazing, as was being able to basically walk in whenever we wanted. Such a great service for all of us who worked so hard on our cosplays!!

The cosplay deathmatch was the highlight of our weekend - absolutely hilarious, the cosplayers were all amazing and the MC team was fantastic.

I enjoyed the masquerade but honestly felt it was a little long. I wish there had been half as many final entries so that the overall level of quality could have been a little higher and the show overall could have been a more reasonable length. Aside from that, I loved the concert, the fashion show, and getting to see the winning AMVs!

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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by TheGlassesGirl » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:27 pm

This was my third year in Cosplay Games and it continues to be my absolute favorite part of the con!!! I had an AMAZING time in Death Match, Lip Sync Battle, and Chess. All of the coordinators and participants were incredibly kind and I loved being a part of it with everyone again!!!

The fast pass for performers was incredibly helpful-it helped tone down my worries about arriving to an event late because of lines a lot!!

Also, I don't know if this was there in the past, because this was the first year I utilized it, but having a room to change in at Cosplay Games HQ was super helpful!!! My only suggestion would be to have a mirror at HQ that could be used for checking and adjusting wigs and makeup.

All in all it was an incredibly fun time and I'm already excited for next year!!!
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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by fancyduckie » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:46 pm

Ahhhhh the Masq was so incredible this year!! Staff were absolutely amazing, supportive, and incredibly kind as always. Weegie did a wonderful job stepping into some big shoes and Roadie was very entertaining and sweet as well. Y'all really do make this whole con worth it for me.
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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by Darkvyse88 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:50 pm

Hi everyone!

I was the Spirit Albarn who was representing Team Heavenes! The staff was fantastic in putting together a great show and all of the pieces, All-Might, and Roadie were awesome to play Chess with.

I am excited for next year!
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Re: Cosplay Event and Programming Feedback Thread

Post by Shinobi Kitsune » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:23 am

Hi All,

This was my first year in the games (I was in the Arda wig contest last year though, and the fashion show) and I had a hell of a lot of fun. I'm a rather shy person by nature and expected to just...panic when I came on stage for death match and chess. Nope. I won my first death match...and then lost my second...and finally getting to kill Ganondorf...was the best. Everyone who was part of putting the games together (David, we need to figure out how to get you more sleep! Kirk, thank you for the honor of being part of your first Chess match!) you guys were all amazing.
David, if you're around for Death Match next year, let's talk about the...zombies and your idea. (remember the jumping up and down girl at Chess practice, instantly volunteering?)
The only complaint I had...there needs to be a little more communications with the events and panels, as to when panels happens. I wanted to go to a few to up my cosplay but I was either in Death match or at chess practice and missed them. Aside from that, hell of a good way to celebrate 10 years of cosplaying at AB.
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