sales tax questions regarding MassTaxConnect

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sales tax questions regarding MassTaxConnect

Post by pulsedemon » Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:37 pm

Hi, all! We had some questions come in regarding submitting your sales tax ID in our form at

Specifically, we had some questions about which number should be submitted. We need your 9-digit tax ID. That's what you'd get from the IRS and register it with Massachusetts in the MassTaxConnect system. We can't use your MassTaxConnect system ID. MassTaxConnect gives you a system ID for just that system so you don't have to log in with your tax ID each time.

We have to submit a report to the Division of Standards (not the Division of Revenue). I talked to someone there and confirmed we have to submit a list of everyone's 9-digit tax ID numbers.

MassTaxConnect is a new system used by the DoR at That system should allow you to pay tax bills online and should also have plenty of answers for questions about everything required of you as it pertains to your responsibilities to pay sales tax.

You can always hit me up at the contact form if you have any questions.
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