Anime Boston's Charity Line Cutting Badge!

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Anime Boston's Charity Line Cutting Badge!

Post by ButteryMuskrat » Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:42 pm

For the third year, Anime Boston is giving away a special badge that will allow you and a friend to line cut the events you want to see!

The raffle will be drawn on March 15th with a winner announced that week.

To enter go to the page (, and input the amount you would like to donate. Every $2 gets you a ticket. Please scroll down to the empty box to input your own amount.

-This badge is only good for Anime Boston 2017 and is good for the winner and one friend to each event. YOU MUST STILL PURCHASE A BADGE FOR THE CONVENTION.

-You must have the badge on you in order to cut the line.

-Please use your real name and correct information when filling out the donation page, as we will need it to contact you!

-Please arrive early to events to ensure getting in. Winner must arrive 30 mins prior to autograph sessions, but will still be placed in the front of the line.

-​This badge is good for Anime Boston events only and will not be accepted by outside vendors. (Ie. Anywhere in the mall)

-No refunds will be offered on donations.

-This is a raffle, not an auction.

Please visit our Charity facebook page or email with any questions about the event​​
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Re: Anime Boston's Charity Line Cutting Badge!

Post by Jennachan » Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:54 pm

Hey Everyone,

This ends in 3 days, so don't wait! Get your tickets today!
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