Idolized Dance Meet Song Requests Open!

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Idolized Dance Meet Song Requests Open!

Post by Idolized! » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:19 pm

hello everyone! honoka here!
just wanted to announce that the dance meet has been decided to start at 1 and end at 3! this will give everyone time to come join us and also give everyone time to head over to the other LL photoshoot that is being held that day! but of course people are free to leave when they want too!!
we would also like to announce that we are now taking song request you would like to be played at the meet! muse and aqour songs are both welcomed!!!!
a love live cosplay is NOT required!! just the songs must be from love live!!
for other groups who may be going to the meet, yes you can preform but we can not promise you a slot of your own. if you happen to be doing a song most people know, other people ARE allowed to go up and dance with you. this is a open event for everyone to have fun and dance together!
so if you have a song you would like to be played, leave it down below with a link to make sure we have the right version!

Idolized! is happy to announce the Love Live Dance meet for Anime Boston 2017!

Our dance meet will be taking place on Friday, It will take place at the Stone Courtyard across from Coldstone and PF Changs (Where the mirror pool normally is). Look for Idolized! We will be cosplaying the Idol Set from LLSIF!

If you are a Love Live fan and know any of μ's dance covers (or would just like to watch), come join us for a bit of socializing and dancing. Song requests will be available, and we encourage all that are interested to request songs to the dances they know and perform for the rest of the group! This meetup is hosted by the Idolized cosplay group and if all individuals are comfortable with it, dances will be filmed and posted to our Facebook page. A Love Live cosplay is not required to attend.

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