Masquerade Feedback Thread!

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Masquerade Feedback Thread!

Post by Kiarrens » Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:45 pm

Hello everyone! Hope you're all resting and recuperating from this weekend. :)

In this thread, please leave us your feedback for the Masquerade! The good, the bad, the ugly... We need to hear it all so we can continue to bring you a quality show each year. Please note that we want to hear from BOTH sides of the stage - participants AND audience!
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Re: Masquerade Feedback Thread!

Post by Renjigirl221 » Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:34 am


I personally had a great experience in the 2016 masquerade. The staff on site were super helpful and when I was stuck outside in those ungodly lines I was escorted in so I could make judging time some what on time. Communications before the convention were perfect it wasn't too much information at once, but just enough so I knew what was going on and had a list of everything I needed to do. And Lyndsey is great at getting back in a timely manner <3

Skit quality was great this year, I loved watching the performance on the big screen out back <3

Also I can't say how thankful I was there were snacks backstage, because of the out of control lines I went 8am Saturday morning to 4:30pm with no food. Partly it was my fault because I was running around but I normally would go out and get soup or something light but I couldn't leave the Hynes this year in fear of not making it back inside on time. So the healthy snacks provided backstage were a life saver! literally!

Lastly I really hope Roadie and Mario come back to MC next year! They really make the show so much better than bacon. ^-^
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Re: Masquerade Feedback Thread!

Post by fancyduckie » Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:06 pm

First, hats off to all of the Masquerade staff, you guys are seriously THE ABSOLUTE BEST! This show would not be as amazing and fun as it is without you, and you are by far the main reason why I keep coming back to AB. This was my 8th year participating in the Masquerade, and I had such a good time making new friends backstage and doing the fashion show. I honestly can't remember a year where all of the skits were of such high quality - so kudos to Lyndsey and the team for doing a spectacular job at screening.

Also, having Operation Hammond there for us was a fantastic idea -- I was feeling really sick before the Masquerade started (thankfully just a drop in blood sugar and not something worse) and it was definitely comforting to know that if I got worse there was someone there to help! Snacks and water, as always, are much appreciated. Emergency cosplay repairs were also great, and Ada saved my buns yet again this year because the elastic holding my armor snapped and I was out of fashion tape. Also, thank you so much for finding the top of my ginzuishou after it dropped off backstage!

I loved that you brought Antipode Belly Dancing and Flash Step Dance Crew back this year- their performances were so cool!! I also really liked the intros for the judges. Mario and Roadie nailed it, as always!

Overall, wonderful job!! Thank you so much for this fabulous experience!
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Re: Masquerade Feedback Thread!

Post by NorseDanceParty » Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:23 pm

I just wanna say you guys are amazing! This was my first masquerade and when the security took all my props and half my costume I didn't know what to do. The masquarade staff got them back and housed them for me all weekend. Thanks again for everything you guys saved my con. I don't know what I would do without all your help!
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Re: Masquerade Feedback Thread!

Post by TheEternalOuroboros » Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:52 pm

Lyndsey, you and your staff are CHAMPIONS. Everyone is so wonderful, helpful, and efficient you always make us cosplayers feel so special :)

This was my 3rd year competing at AB and I have already seen a huge improvement over 2014, I think the combined craftsmanship/performance format is working out really well! Also want to say the level of communication before the event was perfect. Concise, punctual, and responsive. I know that's a lot of work but it's really appreciated!

Also thank you for showing us craftsmanship contestants where the backstage bathrooms are! Stressing about leaving the auditorium to stand in line outside last year was no fun, but standing in line backstage with other nervous cosplayers is better :)

The event overall is a big 10 from me, the only part I want to mention is the online registration format. The Cosplay HQ is a really cool thing and I like the overall concept and how it works, but the actual forms are a bit confusing and the user interface is clunky. I'm never really sure if I've submitted my forms correctly (though they've seemed to go through ok every time!) and I can't figure out how to update my history :P all the dropdowns are always greyed out & not able to be edited... It really doesn't effect my enjoyment of the event just thought I'd mention it!

Thanks again for a wonderful con, the cosplay events are the highlight every year <3 <3 <3
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Re: Masquerade Feedback Thread!

Post by bulletdancer » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:48 am

This years Masquerade once again tops any other Masquerade I've either been to or been a part of.

To all staff, you were great. You made us feel welcome and like we all were all the stars of the show. Special shout out to the ones who helped wrap my sash before the walk on, while I can do it myself, it really helps to have someone else with me to get it started.

All of the contestants were absolutely amazing, both the skits and the fashion show. The improvement that I thought was really nice year over year was that as we walked out for the fashion show we could see the MC's, which meant there was good timing of the entire announcement + walk on + keep things moving, so keep that if possible please. Also judges announcements were awsome, loved that you introduced them.

The one thing which I worry about is that as the quality continues to increase, will we accidentally force out people who are trying to do it for the first time, especially from the skits side which is pre-vetted?

Second thing, I know that it's nice to get zoomed in views of the action during skits, but for the ones which are using the screen on the back of the stage, when it is zoomed in we can't see that. And for people in the front side seats, we really can't see all of the stage anyways, so maybe cut back on the zooming in if it's known that the backdrop matters? Not sure if that's the right answer, because we can enjoy the skits anyways, just another thing to think about.

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Re: Masquerade Feedback Thread!

Post by Nenie » Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:18 am

I loved the Masquerade this year! The skits were mostly a hit! The hosts are wonderful guys. The run time finished early, and great timing. It was a great show!

So, what happen to the traditional AB Masquerade sing-along? I miss that, can we please bring it back?

If I may ask, for whoever DJ's the music between preshows, Cosplay walk-ons, Deathmatch battles and Cosplay Chess battles. You do an excellent job, butt! Can we have more variety in the anime/videogame music? I like the songs, but they can get repetitive. I don't recognize the newer stuff so much. I did hear the Cowboy Bebop theme, Panty and Stocking's Fly Away and Death Note's Zestubou Billy, Naruto's Fighting Dreamers, which I like. It would be great to have more of the old school anime/videogame theme songs playing. The old, Final Fantasy battle music, Pokemon. The new stuff is nice but what about Slayers? Tenchi-Muyo? Cardcaptor Sakura? .Hack// Sign, Initial D? Magic Knight Rayearth, Escaflowne? Utena? Parappa da Rappa? DDR? Kingdom Hearts? Sailor Moon? Inuyasha? Trigun? Gundam series, Street Fighters Character songs?
If it's possible could there maybe be a song request list here on the site for us to input what we like to hear? Maybe? Pretty please?
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