Pretty Cure - More than just a Pretty Face 2018

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Pretty Cure - More than just a Pretty Face 2018

Post by Painted_Outlaw » Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:47 pm

Hello, one and all. At the moment, my panel is slated as being waitlisted but, I thought now was a better time than any to put a thread up for this.

As always, this panel is an overview of the Pretty Cure (or "Precure", for short) franchise. It'll go over the history of the franchise, give an overview of every season and maybe some behind the scenes tidbits. It's the 15th anniversary, it'd be wrong if I didn't go all out! So whether you're an experienced fan or a complete newbie, come on down for.... as long as the Pretty Cures’ soul shines, we are invincible!!!!!!!
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