"Translating Japanese by using the internet for bakas" panel: more tips

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"Translating Japanese by using the internet for bakas" panel: more tips

Post by DocWatson » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:12 am

I attended the "Translating Japanese by using the internet for bakas" panel and liked it—the tip that Google Translate accepts drawn characters (kanji and kana—use the pencil icon in the input box) will likely be particularly useful. I thought I'd add a few more hints.

First, XUL/Migemo is an add-on for Firefox which enables searching for Japanese terms on Web pages using romanji.

Second, in addition to searching English Wikipedia, articles there often link to their Japanese language counterparts--see the left sidebar and look for "日本語" ("Nihongo"). E.g., the "Anime" article has a link to "アニメ".

Third, besides Jisho, Wiktionary is another useful Japanese–English dictionary.

Fourth, Excite Japan offers a Japanese-English translation page, which uses a different engine than Google Translate, and thus gives different results.

I've a few more, but I need to update them, and I'm running long for this venue.

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