Feedback: LGBT+ in Anime

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Feedback: LGBT+ in Anime

Post by Gabriel » Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:22 am

This panel took place on Saturday at 2:30.

Firstly - wow. I'm completely blown away at the turnout for the panel even though Saturday was pretty hectic! Thank you all so much for showing up to hear a dude talk at you about representation for 50 minutes.

I'd like to briefly mention what I'd like for next year (or the next time I do this panel):
  • 1. More time.
One of the biggest pieces of immediate feedback I got is that I devoted more time to certain themes than I did others. And the biggest reason (among others, I'll get to that) for that is because I was only given one hour - I thought, in that time, I'd done a fair job of balancing out and managing my talking points. I had a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it, and certain things had to be left out of the final presentation. With thirty more minutes, I can include the pieces I'd like to touch upon as well as have more time for a bit of a dialogue. You guys had amazing questions btdubs.
  • 2. More input.
I did a majority of my research and editing on my own, which in hindsight I regret doing. I had one feedback section with two close friends a few days before the panel itself, which I also regret on waiting to do. I was very careful about how I handled and talked about certain subjects, but I honestly should have had more consultation with folx earlier on, and I want to change this possibly including them in the next panel! follow me on tumblr @gooberplex if you'd like to possibly help or participate!

I know this is kind of late but I'm super excited to work on this and make it even better for next time! Please leave any thoughts you had on the panel here!

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