Christopher R. Sabat

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Christopher R. Sabat

Post by Faceman » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:59 am

Christopher R. Sabat (@VoiceOfVegeta on Twitter) has lived on a diet of Senzu Beans for over 15 years. As the Voice Director for Dragonball Z, the voice actor behind Vegeta, Piccolo, Yamcha, Mr. Popo, Korin, Burter, Shenron, Zarbon, Guru, and countless others, you could almost say he is the "voice" of Dragonball Z.

Chris has lent his voice to countless other roles including: Alex Luis Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist; Elfman in Fairy Tail; Roronoa Zoro in One Piece; Ayame Sohma in Fruits Basket; Saiga Tatsumi in Speed Grapher; Kurogane in Tsubasa Chronicles; Daisuke Jigen in Lupin III; Father Tres in Trinity Blood; Braun in Steins;Gate; Giroro in Sgt. Frog; Pokémon: Black and White as TV announcer; Cliff (ep 46) Rundas in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption; Garterbelt in Panty and Stocking; Sakaki in Kenichi; Masa in My Bride is a Mermaid; Saito in Darker Than Black; Woerman in Attack on Titan; Alex D in Deus Ex: Invisible War; Captain Smiley & Star in Comic Jumper; and many others.

Most recently, he was cast in Psycho-Pass 2 as Sakuya Tougane; Hak in Yoma of the Dawn; and Batou in Ghost In The Shell: Arise.

When not in the studio, Christopher loves to make electronic music, play video games, and spend time with his wife and daughters.
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Re: Christopher R. Sabat

Post by kibakesticles » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:23 pm

I've seen Sabat at Otakon and Anime Expo, but never as just a regular guest, so assuming that is the case here, it will be nice to see him in his own panels and autograph sessions and hopefully actually get something signed. He is easily one of the consistently funniest people in this industry, so every panel involving him is a blast. I'll probably try for One Piece and/or DBZ for autographs.

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Re: Christopher R. Sabat

Post by Nenie » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:57 am

Yeeessssss!!!! Thank you AB!!!
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