Looking for a room, 29F (2018)

If you need a room or if you have a room and are looking for roommates, this is the place to hook up.
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Looking for a room, 29F (2018)

Post by Oos » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:05 pm

Hello hello! I'm Oos and I'm 29F looking for a room with some cool peeps!

Preferably with other women or LGBTQ people? otherwise i get really nervous because of something that happened a few years ago in my hotel room lmao. GOOD TIMES. :/

I would need either bed space or an air mattress, because i'm disabled with back/leg problems and walk with a cane 8( Fun times, right? I have to rest and chill a lot, hence my mentioning the bed space. :c

I'm pretty quiet and friendly, and i try not to spread my stuff all over the place. I'm also cool with people who are 21+ drinking!

All i really need is sink space, bed space, suitcase space and a key :V And of course some chill people to talk to. If that's you and you need someone like me, lemme know! c:
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