First time sewing a cosplay: need help with planning a component

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First time sewing a cosplay: need help with planning a component

Post by NoDoubtNoHarm » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:11 pm

For AB 2018, I told some of my friends that I would go as Knoll from Fire Emblem 8, The Sacred Stones. I have already purchased fabric and a premade cape. I am fairly confident in some matters, such as the colors of fabric I've chosen and the creation of these two layers. Part of the reason I'm starting early is that, with enough time and tutorials, I can emulate almost anything if the need arises.

However, while my technical skills may be adequate, I don't have the best creative eye. So I am here to request assistance in determining some details, particularly in regards to the robe that is mostly covered with other garments in all the official art. I aim to have it include the collar, the folds that are depicted in the official art, and as many pockets as is feasible. Obviously, there is no existing pattern for such a thing, so I suspect I'll have to Frankenstein several elements together. I have a few patterns that could work bookmarked, but I would like to hear opinions from people more experienced than I before I start cutting anything.

As for details of what I have at my disposal:
:idea: At this time, I possess only basic hand-sewing skills, but my neighbor has a sewing machine that I will likely be able to use, and she may also assist me with more advanced techniques.
:idea: This is the fabric I purchased for the robe. I have 54 inches by 4 yards of it.
:idea: In case the above page disappears, here is a screenshot of the information.
:idea: Because it is essentially floor-length, I'll let it be known that I am 68 inches tall in total, and while I do not have ready access to a large enough measuring device to measure my neck to the floor, when I measure my head, it comes to be between 8 and 9 inches, which leads me to think that it would be 60 inches from my neck to the floor.

Also, once everything is together, I plan to recreate this.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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