tights suit advice?

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tights suit advice?

Post by Dragonrider1227 » Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:53 pm

My cosplay is just about ready. An accessory or two is still needed but the costume itself is ready. I'm going as Astro Boy and decided to go with a full flesh colored body suit like the Spider-Man costumes but not covering the face or hands. This'll be not only my first time cosplaying in such a suit, but cosplaying at cons in general. So, I'd like some advice on how to handle wearing these kinds of costumes through out a con. Would you recommend wearing it through most of the day? If so, how do you handle it when having to use the bathroom? Anything else I should know about?
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Re: tights suit advice?

Post by tarantucat » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:45 am

i might actually be in almost the same boat as you this year with one of my intended cosplays!

honestly a morph suit / body suit type deal isn't the worst to spend the whole day in, as long as you're cool with just kinda being naked while you pee and your cosplay isn't super super hard to put on and take off! but definitely pack some loungeware for if you just can't stand it at some point, that's what I usually do. (last year i wore a full body suit wrapped in thick yarn and by the time the masquerade came around i HAD to take it off, so i brought some shorts and a tank top with me for just such an occasion!!)

also another bit of advice is to wear spanx or other tightening/compressing clothing if you're at all concerned about how your body's gonna look? it just helps smooth out everything under the suit!

honestly, just make sure to drink loooots of water so you don't risk overheating, and pack some extra clothes just in case you start getting uncomfortable, and figure out a bathroom plan you're comfortable with. I don't know your gender, but for women they DO sell little silicone bathroom buddiesthat help you pee standing up, SO if your suit is sort of like a leotard and your legs are free and there's some wiggle room or stretch by your crotch, honestly you could just slip it in there and try to pee like that???

http://www.target.com/p/gogirl-female-u ... AvKa8P8HAQ

I used one when i wore a big suit with armor for my Fallout cosplay, and it took some practice but it was actually the biggest help so that I didn't have to get naked or take all the armor off and everything!!!

(and now that i've probably put you to sleep with my rambling, i hope i've helped at least a little!!!)
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