Game Freak/Nentendo retro game photoshoot?

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Game Freak/Nentendo retro game photoshoot?

Post by Old_School_Anime_Lover02 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:44 pm

This is just an idea and i won't make it facebook offical if it's not already, and if it is, can someone (kindly) tell me that it is? I might just have missed the link when i was scrolling or something....

I don't want to make it just "pokemon" spesfic because that idea failed and got pulled out from under me last time, so i'll keep this as drama free as i can (That also depends on the people posting in this forum as well *cough*)

but anyway all serious matters aside.... I'm planing on bringing my team rocket cosplay for some time this weekend (black rocket not Jessie Or James like i planed the first time) anyone have any interest? please let me know

also don't argue with me over the time, I'm the one setting it up, if you don't like it, tough don't comment and butcher my idea.... sorry that had to be said but i feel like if i don't we'll get into a heated arguement again over something stupid
cosplays i have complete:
Rocket Member (myself as a team rocket member)
Yurio (yuri on ice)
Rinku (yu yu hakusho
Magi (aladdin Magnoshetot)

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