Sheraton Hotel Key Cards

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Sheraton Hotel Key Cards

Post by abigail » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:12 pm

Hey, dudes! I have a question regarding the Sheraton's policy for additional room card keys.

Last year, I checked in alone, and I had three other people in my room who had yet to arrive. Upon check-in, I wasn't allowed to receive more than one (1) card key, and I was told I would have to come back downstairs to receive additional ones, once my roomies arrived. My roomies also had to provide their I.D.s to prove they were the ones whose names were on the room as guests, as well. We also had to pay a fee for those two card keys. (I think it was 10 dollars each?)

Is this normal? This was the first year it had happened, to me, and I've told others this and they said it did not happen, to them. I understand their policy about having a room key if you're using the room elevators past that scheduled time, but this just seemed a little absurd, to me.

Can anyone clarify this policy? I'm concerned because the two people whose names I put on my reservation have dropped out, and it won't let me change the guest names online. I also called to ask if they could change the names of my 2 other guests, but they said it wouldn't update.

Any info would help! Thank you!

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Re: Sheraton Hotel Key Cards

Post by Kalyoth » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:41 pm

Not Staff

In general, I stay away from Sheraton properties whenever I can even if others cost more. They seem to be the industry exception to hospitality & inclusiveness. However, being owned by the convention center, it is the highest promoted hotel & closest to monopoly for convenience you will get.

That said, this is a hotel question & likely only the Sheraton can do something to resolve it for you. Generally, you finalize information at check-in time. I would bring any new names with you at that point. As to the charge, that should be spelled out in the Sheraton Policy & Proceedures, if it is a real thing. I would refuse to pay the fee until they can show you where that policy is within the terms & conditions paperwork you sign at check-in. Did anyone see it mentioned during their registration process for similar occupancy? Just curious if this is a unique situation.
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Re: Sheraton Hotel Key Cards

Post by THX1139 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:25 pm

My experience with hotels is they iron out all the details when you check in. The reservation is to hold the room, get some idea what kind of room, how many people. It's always best to goto the the front desk to ask questions, make changes.

When I want to make changes before I show up, I make sure I am calling the hotel, not their global reservation services.

I have been using Sheraton for years. Starwood Hotels & Resorts own the Sheraton brand, Starwood wants happy customers. If you a dissatisfied customer ask to talk to a manger. If your still dissatisfied go to they web sight. ... index.html They also own the Marriott at the other end of the mall. There is a lot of competition in the hotel business. Your paying for service.

Normally hotels are not too concerned if friends show up after you have checked in. Unless you need a roll-away-bed, you don't have to tell them.

The exception to the norm:
Amine Boston Convention guests will stuff the north tower full. The elevators will be packed full. I have noticed durning the convention you are not booking a room, you are booking the number of people in the room. Young people have been known to fill a room to over capacity. People sleeping on the floor. I assume it is a fire department issues. All building have a maximum number of people set by the fire department. The Hotel can be fined if the hotel is overloaded. There was a fire in a Boston club that killed a lot of people because they couldn't get out, because of a log jam at the door.

Keep in mind when you stay at any hotel the corporation that owns the brand name wants you to have a nice stay in the hotel. You are paying lots of $$$ to have a nice time. If you not happy, goto the front desk, then the manager, then the brand owner web site.

Hope you have a nice stay in Boston.
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Re: Sheraton Hotel Key Cards

Post by Thrillho » Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:28 am

So, few points (also, not staff)

---Last year, we had three names on my room, and they only gave out one key per person. We all showed up around the same time, but they only gave a hotel key to a person who's name was on the room and only when showing ID. This is a pretty common policy for hotels during conventions. It controls how many people in a room (like tomthumb said, there are fire code violations if you overpack a room) and helps control the hotel costs since they charge a different amount of money depending on occupancy.
---What I don't recall, however, is paying a fee for the extra key cards.
---Call again to change the names, either the reservation line or the hotel directly. That is absolutely something they should be able to do for you.
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Re: Sheraton Hotel Key Cards

Post by pulsedemon » Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:31 pm

It's probably best, if you've got questions about the hotel, to call the hotel directly.
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