Preparation checklist: Things to bring with you!

If you're new to the city or taking the T in from out of town, this is where you can get advice from people living in The Hub. Please keep discussion limited to things in and around Boston.
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Re: Preparation checklist: Things to bring with you!

Post by Aurabolt » Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:13 pm

Elli21486 wrote:
Fetch wrote:
Elli21486 wrote:
Aurabolt wrote: For those who will be commuting to/from a hotel that's not in the same area as the Con, get a Charlie Card and put $15 on it. That should cover your traveling expenses for the whole weekend and if you're not from the Boston Area, they can be used again next year since they don't expire.
That's actually a false statement. The Charlie Cards do expire but it is usually in years, ie. every 5 years. You can check when your card expires at any kiosk at any station. ... p?id=22672

I can't find it anywhere on the MBTA site, but I was told that the money you put on the card is good for 18 months. As I've never gone more than a few months before putting more onto mine, I cannot confirm or deny it.
Reads first line of the website link...
"Does A CharlieCard Expire? Yes..."

In reality though, there isn't really any other way to check for the expiration than at a subway station.

On a side note though, if a CharlieCard ever fails, you can go to the CharlieCard Store at Downtown Crossing to transfer to a new card.
...So in short, you agreed with what I said XD

Here's something I've been told face to face by the General Manager of the MBTA: If you have a balance on a Charlie Card, as long as it's registered via the balance is transferrable. This includes when the card expires or goes inactive. You will need to bring it to the Charlie Card Store where they will transfer the remaining balance to a new card. It can only be done at the Charlie Card Store, which is at Downtown Crossing but is free of charge.
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Re: Preparation checklist: Things to bring with you!

Post by Old_School_Anime_Lover02 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:16 pm

Kanechan wrote:Sometimes the CharlieCard will have an expiration date in the lower right-hand corner on the front. There's one on my card which says "Exp. 12/22", so I know I have at least that much time to get a replacement.

CharlieCards generally don't expire for 5 to 10 years after you get one, after which time they must be returned for replacement. Can't vouch for how long the fares stay on before you need to use them up, but they can be transferred from an older card to a newer one when the time comes.
ah so they're like a bus pass but for the T
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